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Will Wcw Ever Make A Comeback

Yes, WCW 3.0 since the company was rebooted towards the end. Since WWE would be taking direction with Triple H and Stephanie heading it up, Vince would probably stay the course of his WWE booking. Larger than life heavyweights and smaller but very charismatic talent. That part would be key.

WCW is dead. It was sold damned near 20 years ago and despite being basically handed the basis for the greatest wrestling storytelling of all time, WWE prompty shot itself in the foot, reloaded, kept shooting and WCW was permanently dead by the end of the year.

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Is WCW coming back? – Quora

Answer (1 of 5): In order for WCW to come back, the WWE would have to sell the intellectual properties from WCW to someone else who has the money to buy it from them. This was already done in 2001 as a result of the AOL/Time Warner merger when the new owners in charge of TNT (the television netw…

Will WCW Ever Make A Comeback? –

Jan 19, 2022The Monday Night Wars ended long before WCW died. Will WWF ever return? No. The WWF will never come back. This is because a different company owns the name WWF. The World Wildlife Foundation sued the then world wrestling Federation and eventually won the case; hence, the reason the WWF had to Get the F out and turned into the WWE.

Report: WWE Possibly Looking To Bring Back WCW – WrestleTalk

In recent years, nostalgia for the now extinct WCW has increased, as modern fans still see the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s as the peak of pro-wrestling. Once WWE won the war and bought WCW, it appeared that WCW was going to be swept under the carpet by WWE in the hope that new fans wouldn’t even know it existed.

Could WCW have made a comeback? | WrestleZone Forums

The only way WCW would have made a comeback is if management completely changed. The big stars they had were too old and a lot of the younger talent needed serious work. They would have pretty much…

These WCW Set Designs Need To Make A Return In The Future

Published May 12, 2020 A look at classic WCW set designs that need to return. WCW, as an active wrestling brand, has been gone for almost 20 years now but has been far from forgotten. It is hard to forget the success of WCW when so much of the wrestling world as a whole has been affected or directly inspired by previous steps taken by WCW.

5 Released WCW Wrestlers Who Came Back Better Than Ever … – TheSportster

Jun 2, 20215 Released WCW Wrestlers Who Came Back Better Than Ever (& 5 Who Never Returned) By Joey Haverford Published Jun 02, 2021 There was a revolving door of wrestlers that came and went in WCW. Some stars came back for the better, while others never returned.

What If? Here’s How WCW Would Like Today – TheThings

Published Mar 09, 2020. Here’s How WCW Would Like Today. With WWE and AEW leading the way for a new wrestling war, it reminds fans about the glory days of wrestling. The Monday Night Wars era was arguably the greatest time to be a wrestling fan, with WCW almost eclipsing WWE in terms of being the number one wrestling product in the world.

8 Retired Wrestlers WWE Is Begging To Make A Comeback (And 7 They’ll …

By Lucas Wesley Snipes Published Oct 25, 2017. Less than a full year after his much-ballyhooed farewell at WrestleMania 32, the wrestling rumor mill is suggesting it might already be time for The Undertaker to make a comeback. Not that anyone would necessarily be loath to see the Dead Man in a wrestling ring once again, but this sort of talk has become all too common in the modern WWE Universe.

4 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Never Come Out Of Retirement (& 5 Who Are Just …

Jan 10, 2021However, there are other legends in WWE who will most likely never come back for one more match! Wrestling is one of the most unstable careers in the world, yet some stars just can’t seem to stay retired. Wrestlers fight every match knowing that it could end up becoming their last. An unfortunate injury can often end a wrestler’s career abruptly and put them on the sidelines forever.

15 Best Wrestling Comebacks – Sportskeeda

Finlay began training for a comeback in 2004 and even wrestled on some live events. Amazingly, in December 2005, WWE began airing vignettes for Finlay’s return to television. At the age of 47 …

WWE: Why Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Will Never … – Bleacher Report

And the reason for WCW going down is multiple issues, but one reason was because of WWE’s success in the “Attitude Era,” as it has come to be known. Obviously it was successful because it got the …

Rebuilding WCW for 2019 Return –

The KliqPodcast rebuild WCW from night of inception WCW Nitro to the first PPV WCW World War 3 including in depth story creating. … There is no denying that Book can come back and probably …

Could The WWE Attitude Era Be Making A Comeback?

Desperate to seriously challenge WCW, Vince McMahon decided to revamp WWF’s family-oriented programming by making shows such as RAW (then known as RAW Is War and The War Zone) and to a lesser extent, SmackDown more adult-oriented complete with more intense violence, adult language and scantily-clad Divas which began with the 1997 Survivor Series PPV which featured the infamous “Montreal …

24 WWE comebacks we can’t wait to see – Digital Spy

Sep 7, 2021Lita is still very much part of the WWE. A booker/agent/writer, trainer, commentator, Hall of Famer and frequent on-screen and in-ring presence, the former champ is family. Alongside Trish Stratus …

15 Decisions That Cost WCW Millions Of Dollars – TheRichest

13 Stealing Bret Hart Just To Destroy Him. Despite only spending barely over two years in the company, Bret Hart was the third-highest paid employee in WCW history after Hollywood Hogan and Goldberg. This is because the Hitman was a seriously big deal in the late 1990s, and the bidding war WCW won to steal him away from WWE was intensely fought …

Will Sting return to WWE? If he does, will he face The Undertaker?

After suffering a severe neck injury while fighting Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015, WCW legend Sting was not seen fighting in WWE again. Read more. … Also Read l WWE: Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt react to CM Punk’s comeback on WWE Backstage. After that, Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and made many special appearances in …

Inside the Night the NWO Changed Wrestling Forever

Jul 7, 2021On this day 25 years ago, WCW and Eric Bischoff took a massive chance by turning Hulk Hogan heel. It paid off better than anyone could have expected. July 7, 1996. At World Championship Wrestling …

The AWF: Bringing Real Wrestling Back, Four Minutes at a Time

In WCW things weren’t much better, as Hulk Hogan and his many washed-up friends dominated television and held back younger talent. Both major promotions pushed a cartoonish, family-friendly product out of touch with the interests of its fan base. … No word yet as to whether the AWF will ever make a comeback, but somewhere out there, there …

The 10 Worst Comebacks in WWE History – Bleacher Report

6: Road Warrior Animal. 5 of 10. Road Warrior Animal is one half of The Legion of Doom (or the Road Warriors if you prefer), one of the most legendary tag teams of all time. Without Hawk by his …

WWE’s top 10 most shocking comebacks, including John Cena … – The Sun

Sep 24, 20205: Brock Lesnar’s WWE comeback in 2012. Here comes the pain. After an eight year absence and an abrupt exit from WWE, Brock Lesnar reemerged in 2012 in shocking fashion as he confronted John Cena.

Throwback Thursday: WCW Fall Brawl ’95: WarGames, As Seen on WWE Network

Sep 17, 2020Way back when the month of September meant only one thing: WarGames! To honor the history and tradition of one of wrestling’s most unique and beloved matches Throwback Thursday is revisiting WCW’s Fall Brawl ’95: WarGames, as seen on the WWE Network, which took place 25 years ago today! The fortunes of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) were at long last starting to turn around by the time Fall Brawl ’95 went live from Asheville, North Carolina.

Following John Cena’s Return To The WWE, Is CM Punk Planning His Own …

Jul 21, 2021Fresh off the heels of John Cena’s return to the WWE, it’s being reported that another major pro wrestling star may also be staging a comeback.CM Punk’s potential return to the ring is arguably …

20 Greatest WCW Rivalries – The Wrestling Estate

Feb 17, 2021Malenko beat Jericho for the belt, but the decision was nullified the next night. Surprisingly, Malenko never got a decisive win over Jericho, but the feud was the peak of both men’s WCW runs. 7. Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat. Forget Star Wars and Lord of the Rings – this is the greatest trilogy.

Will We Ever See A New Def Jam Game? – Cultured Vultures

May 17, 2021Ash Bates · May 17, 2021. Gamers or even just hip hop fans from the early to mid-2000s will no doubt harbour some kind of nostalgia for the Def Jam series, the half fighting game, half wrestling …

Soapbox: It’s Time For WWE No Mercy To Make A Comeback On Nintendo …

Jul 18, 2020And yes, TV ratings do matter, and AEW (the #2 company) is currently drawing worse ratings for their main show than the worst ratings that WWF and WCW ever got for their B-level programs in the 90s.

Wrestler Goldberg to make WWE comeback – The Times of Israel

Actor and former WCW/WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg attends Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 18, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

15 WCW Contracts That Still Don’t Make Sense

Horace Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s real nephew, was brought into WCW and paid $221,000 in 1999. He made over $675,000 in WCW over his career, and of course, nothing special ever happened with him. No wonder WCW lost so much money with bad contracts like this. 2 Ric Flair Ric Flair was paid at most, $780,000 in 1998, and made less every year after.

22 Mind-Blowing WCW Wrestler Salaries You Won’t Believe

22. Konnan – $469,675 In 1999 A veteran of AAA, Eric Bischoff brought Konnan into WCW during 1996. He was a moderate star, hardly the biggest headliner in the world, but he was bagging an…

Greatest WCW Commentators – The Wrestling Estate

Greatest WCW Commentators By John Corrigan Jan 6, 2021 In honor of World Championship Wrestling being purchased 20 years ago, here’s a countdown of the greatest WCW commentators. For the purposes of this list, WCW began on Nov. 21, 1988, when Ted Turner purchased Jim Crockett Promotions and launched WCW. 15. Steve “Mongo” McMichael

24 WWE comebacks we can’t wait to see – Digital Spy

Despite all the other options for top wrestlers these days, everyone still loves a shock WWE comeback.. Sure, Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT and now NXT UK are jam-packed with talent, but there’s …