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Will Randy Orton Become Champion Again

Yes, Orton picked up another WWE Championship in 2020 when he defeated Drew McIntyre, but that was a little bit of a surprise in its own right. It derailed McIntyre and ended up being little more than a shotgun reign in the hope of generating interest. This won’t happen again.

According to reports, WWE is hopeful that Randy Orton will return by the August 2 episode of Monday Night Raw next month after missing the last four shows. Randy Orton has not been seen since the June 21 episode of Monday Night Raw, with the former World Champion being unceremoniously taken off TV in the middle of his storyline with Riddle on Raw.

Randy Orton has not been seen since the June 21 episode of Monday Night Raw, with the former World Champion being unceremoniously taken off TV in the middle of his storyline with Riddle on Raw.

Drew McIntyre was going to defeat Randy Orton and walk out as the brand new WWE Champion. And that is precisely how the main event match on WWE RAW played out this week, with Drew McIntyre recapturing the title from Randy Orton that he had lost at WWE Hell in a Cell recently.

Will Randy Orton return?

According to a report, WWE fears that Randy Orton may be out of action for the remainder of 2022.

Is Randy Orton still champion?

As Randy Orton celebrates two decades as a WWE Superstar, he has revealed that he wants part of his legacy to be that he “never went anywhere else”. Over the last twenty years, Randy Orton has become one of the most decorated Superstars in the history of WWE.

Is Randy Orton quitting WWE?

“John Cena is going to break Ric Flair’s record” – WWE Legend makes a massive claim about the world title. The race for the most world titles in WWE history has not seen significant developments since 2017. John Cena defeated AJ Styles at that year’s Royal Rumble to become the record-equalling 16-time world champion.

Is Randy Orton injured?

According to a report from Fightful Select, Randy Orton is feared to be sidelined for the remainder of 2022 due to a back injury. WWE has two huge stadium shows planned for the summer, with the first being SummerSlam at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. on June 30.

Why did Randy Orton get discharged?

At the base, he received a bad conduct discharge in 1999 after going AWOL on two occasions and disobeying an order from a commanding officer. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he was tried and convicted under a special court-martial, subsequently spending 38 days in the brig at Camp Pendleton.

Is Randy Orton still wrestling?

Randy Orton hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the May 20 edition of SmackDown, and a recent report indicates that he might not be able to wrestle again in 2022. The Viper and Riddle lost the tag team title unification match with The Usos on that night, and the former has been off TV since then.

Will Randy Orton Return 2022?

A new report has claimed that Randy Orton may be out of action for the remainder of 2022 after it was discovered that he could need surgery. Randy Orton hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the May 20th episode of SmackDown.

Is Randy Orton going to return to wrestling?

According to a report, WWE fears that Randy Orton may be out of action for the remainder of 2022.

Is Randy Orton hurt?

WWE Superstar Randy Orton is reportedly dealing with a back injury that could require surgery. According to Fightful Select (h/t WrestlingInc’s Dominic DeAngelo), Orton may miss more time than anticipated, and there is “fear” within WWE that he may have to undergo surgery, which could keep him out for the rest of 2022.

Did Randy Orton make the RKO?

For 20 years, Randy Orton has headlined pay-per-views, won titles and built a Hall of Fame resume through grit, determination, cunning and the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: RKO.

Who is the king of the RKO?

Who originated the RKO? Randy Orton might be the best known practitioner of the RKO, but did you know The Apex Predator didn’t create the move?

What does RKO D mean?

Who uses RKO? Because the RKO is a dramatic and powerful move, wanting to “do an RKO” to someone or telling someone that they’re going to “get RKO’d” is used as an expression of frustration, e.g., “I’m going to RKO Ted if he’s late again.”

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Orton could absolutely go to war with Styles for the WWE Championship. The matches would be barn-burners for sure, and while neither man is super duper good at promos, the in-ring work would be …

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7 days agoIf the pair reunite when Orton returns, winning the tag titles will likely become their goal again. The Usos are the current unified WWE Tag Team Champions, but they may not hold their belts for long.

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And at 32 years old, you have to figure he still has some game that will allow him to become a world champion again. This, in my opinion, is what happens when the competition is your own business….

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Nov 17, 2020Randy Orton remained the top heel on Raw in 2020 and it was only a matter of time until he regained the WWE Championship. Orton had an entertaining feud with first-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, The Apex Predator lost two championship matches to McIntyre at SummerSlam and Clash of Champions.

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The Miz. This is the true story of how a kid from Parma, Ohio, defied every obstacle placed in front of him time and again to become a member of the most exclusive club in all of WWE. Most pundits probably presumed that when The Miz won the WWE Tag Team Championships along with John Morrison in 2007, he had reached the pinnacle of his WWE career.

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He was the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship, which he unified with the WWE Championship to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in 2013. Orton is recognized by WWE as having the third-most world championship victories in history at 14, behind John Cena and Ric Flair (both 16) and tied with …

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Mar 3, 2022He is currently 41 years old and currently plans on retiring when he’s 50. That’s about nine years from now, which is good news for his fans. He elaborated by stating that physically, it wouldn’t…

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Sep 8, 2021The Viper Randy Orton eyes his 15th WWE World Championship The Viper Randy Orton will get an opportunity to become a 15-time WWE World Champion at Extreme Rules 2021. By Sanchit Chandalia – September 8, 2021 Orton is a 14-time WWE World Champion The Viper Randy Orton currently holds the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship, along with Riddle.

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Apr 27, 2022Published Apr 27, 2022. Randy Orton has had a legendary career in WWE, but there are a lot of things about his stint that the promotion would want you to forget. As Randy Orton celebrates 20 years of his career, there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest of all time. The Viper is going to go down in the history books, and that is because he’s had a fantastic run with the company.

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Jun 26, 2022In 2020, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston shared the ring during a triple threat match that also involved John Cena. The match was to decide the next challenger for the WWE Championship. Orton won this match, but there was some miscommunication between him and Kingston regarding the finish. RELATED: 5 Wrestlers Randy Orton Loved (& 5 He Disliked)

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Jun 16, 2022Randy Orton reportedly will miss a significant amount of time due to a back injury that has kept him out of action for nearly a month. Fightful Select is reporting that WWE fears Orton’s back injury is worse than originally calculated and that he could miss the remainder of 2022. For most of 2021 and all of 2022, Orton has spent his time …

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Orton and Riddle didn’t need the titles again. In fact, the break-up between the partners should’ve happened by now. When Riddle beat the former WWE Champion on Raw last year, it appeared that …

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Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton and Batista to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. NEW ORLEANS – Batista has to deal with it. The voices in Randy Orton’s head are speechless. And Triple H’s corporate throne will have to do without its crown jewel, because Daniel Bryan – the Goat Face, the Weak Link, the B-plus player, he of the high school gyms and double-digit paydays on the independent scene – is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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Defeated – n/a, Location – Charlotte, N.C. & Date – 06-15-09 WWE Champion – Randy Orton June 15, 2009 – September 13, 2009 Just one week after administering a vicious attack that sidelined Batista, the man who defeated Randy Orton for the title at Extreme Rules, The Legend Killer won a Fatal 4-Way Match against Triple H, John Cena and Big Show on Raw to become the WWE Champion once again.

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May 4, 2022Randy Orton regained the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian in an excellent No Holds Barred match. Alberto Del Rio achieved his destiny of becoming WWE Champion when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on CM Punk. There’s no denying that Del Rio and Orton are talented wrestlers, but they won their World Titles at the wrong time.

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All that could be true. But it doesn’t matter to the current Randy Orton. Right now, Randy Orton is the best thing going in WWE. He’s the unified champion, and I couldn’t think of a better man for the job. OK, I’m trolling here, but just a little bit. Orton doesn’t have Daniel Bryan’s ring skills or CM Punk’s ability on the …

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2 days agoThe rivalry came together on a bit of a whim that summer, but it was still an opportunity for Orton to become a bigger player in the company after failing to win the World Heavyweight Championship …

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Oct 25, 2020Presented by. Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre to make history as a 14-time World Champion, and fittingly, one of the most sinister Superstars of all time accomplished the feat inside WWE’s most sinister structure in an all-out war at WWE Hell in a Cell. The Viper entered the bout with an unblemished record in Hell in a Cell Matches with the …

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Right now, there are two guys in the running to win the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber. One of them is Randy Orton, and the other is Neville, and, of course, it’s expected that they will both be inside the Chamber competing for the IC Title on May 31. Believe it or not, Randy Orton is a former Intercontinental Champion.

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Sep 2, 2020However, in the end, The Legend Killer came out on top and earned a chance to face Drew McIntyre at the WWE Clash of Champions 2020 PPV. According to various reports, Drew McIntyre will again defeat Randy Orton, ending the long-running feud. However, fans speculate that Randy Orton could become the new champion and go on to defend his title …

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Certainly well deserved, but a shame because Randy is just going to fade back into the background again. I guess his story is pretty much written and over now.” And another fan commented, He’s a 13 Time world champion. He has done it all. When Orton speaks we all listen. When Orton wrestles we all watch with an emotional attachment to it.

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Place Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler, as he won the greatest wrestling match, and treat a match with him as prestige. A chance to face and test yourself against the greatest. A chance for Randy to show why he is to be considered as one of the greatest ever, while elevating stars to the next level. It is a no-lose situation for all involved.