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Will Mickie James Wrestle Again

On June 23, James announced on an Instagram video that she will be returning to the ring and delivers an open challenge to anyone to wrestle her at the NWA 73rd Anniversary Show.

During a recent interview with Notsam Wrestling, Mickie James said she’ll always have a place in wrestling, and she learned that there is life outside of WWE. “I wasn’t worried about ‘what am I going to do now?’

Mickie James has worked hard to establish herself as one of the best female pro wrestlers in the history of the business. Jame was released by WWE back in April last year and then she promptly made her way to NWA and then Impact Wrestling. Mickie James would go on to become the Knockouts Champion as well.

While speaking to Instant Culture, Mickie James talked about WWE’s partnership with Impact Wrestling. James stated that she thinks WWE will work with Impact Wrestling again in the future. “I think yes [we will work together again].

Is Mickie James returning to WWE?

James even came out to her IMPACT Wrestling theme and was acknowledged as Knockouts Champion. Speaking about her big return to the company in an interview with GOW MEDIA, Mickie James stated that she was happy to end things on a good note after the infamous trash bag incident.

Does Mickie James still wrestle?

Knockouts Champion Mickie James is returning to WWE. Her appearance was announced on the January 7 episode of SmackDown, alongside 18 other participants of the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble. We now have surprising news about her contract status with IMPACT Wrestling.

Is Mickie James still in Impact?

Currently the Impact Knockout Champion and a former WWE and Divas Champion, Mickie is having the time of her life with Impact Wrestling during her third run with the promotion.

How is Mickie James in the 2022 Royal Rumble?

10 Mickie James WWE contacted and worked out a partnership with them that allowed her to appear in the 2022 Royal Rumble. Fans were not expecting this to happen as she was also the Impact Women’s Champion at the time. They aired a preview for the match, and her being included just about broke the internet.

Why was Mickie James in the Royal Rumble?

Her entry led to speculation over whether she would come out as her ’Hardcore Country’ persona or her WWE self. The six-time WWE Women’s Champion wanted to enter the Royal Rumble, but in the right way. She wanted to come out as “Hardcore Country” Mickie James and with the IMPACT Knockouts Championship.

Who will be in the Royal Rumble 2022?

The Royal Rumble is also set to feature two huge world title bouts. Brock Lesnar will put his WWE championship on the line in a dream match against Bobby Lashley, while Roman Reigns is defending the universal championship against his former Shield stablemate Seth Rollins.

How was Mickie James in the Royal Rumble?

Speaking with Denise Salcedo, Mickie stated that she instantly took the opportunity to try to wipe away any negativity from the infamous trash bag incident. When asked why she said “yes” to appear at the Royal Rumble, James answered: “It was instantly, ’Yes, I want to do this.

What is the Royal Rumble lineup for 2022?

Cameron, in her first WWE appearance since 2016, entered at number 13. Deville then officially entered the match and eliminated Cameron, due to her ties with Naomi, who Deville had been feuding with on SmackDown. Naomi entered at number 14 and eliminated Deville, who later returned the favor to help eliminate Naomi.

Who entered 14 in the Royal Rumble 2022?

Brock Lesnar wins After a series of power moves, Lesnar dumps him over the top to win his second Royal Rumble. He’s now in one of the main events of WrestleMania 38.

Who will win Royal Rumble 2022?

Brock Lesnar wins After a series of power moves, Lesnar dumps him over the top to win his second Royal Rumble. He’s now in one of the main events of WrestleMania 38. Good men’s match that picked up down the stretch.

Will Randy Orton be in the 2022 Royal Rumble?

The 2022 Royal Rumble event took place in St. Louis, Missouri which is current Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton’s billed hometown. Coming out of that event, it was confirmed by F4WOnline that Shane McMahon was no longer with WWE after appearing in the men’s Rumble match in the number 28 spot.

What will happen at Royal Rumble 2022?

For 2022, the men and women could choose which world championship to challenge for at WrestleMania 38; the men could choose Raw’s WWE Championship or SmackDown’s Universal Championship, while the women could choose the Raw Women’s Championship or SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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Jun 18, 2021There is no word on James possibly returning to Impact Wrestling, though several former WWE stars have been teased for Slammiversary on July 17. James has wrestled for Impact Wrestling multiple times, including from 2002-2003, from 2010-2013 and again in 2015. During her time with the company, she won the Knockouts Title three times.

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Aug 12, 2020The real concern is that it would be so bad that James or Natalya would be injured because of it. However, having James wrestling the second most experienced wrestler and only second to herself decreases that risk. This will only be Mickie James’ second real feud since returning to WWE back in 2016 if this turns into a full blown feud.

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