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Will Cineplex Honor Expired Movie Passes

Bundled admission and concession Certificates do not expire.

**One (1) general admission movie ticket per month plus up to 2 general admission movie tickets for $9.99 each (plus tax) per showtime. Maximum of three transactions per day. Not valid for Cineplex Events™ performances, non-feature film presentations, special events or series.

Receive a movie ticket in your account every month. Access your tickets from your Cineplex account online or in the app. Purchase additional CineClub-Priced tickets for you or guests. Earn SCENE® points when you redeem your Monthly Member ticket and on all CineClub-Priced ticket purchases. Save 20% on concession purchases.

Your Monthly CineClub Member tickets never expire. Purchase additional tickets – for a guest or yourself – at CineClub pricing of $9.99. Save on your favourite theatre snacks and drinks any time. **Restrictions Apply.

Do free movie tickets expire?

The only difference is that free ticket rewards expire after 90 days for Movie Fans. Otherwise, they are exactly the same and can be used for admission to any regular 2D movie at all Cinemark Theatres (upcharges may apply in certain theatres). You can upgrade any ticket to a premium format for a small upcharge.

Do Cineplex movie gift cards expire?

Does a Cineplex Entertainment Gift Card expire? No, Gift Cards do not expire.

Do Costco tickets expire?

Premiere Movie Tickets are perfect for gifts, rewards, incentives and perks. Premiere tickets are accepted for any movie, never expire and can be redeemed at any of our theatres nationwide for admissions at significant savings.

What does no passes mean on Cineplex?

no passes means you can’t use any promotional coupon or code when purchasing tickets for that film.

Do Cineplex promo codes expire?

Code is VALID ONLINE ONLY at CINEPLEX.COM or on the CINEPLEX APP for the movie and amount stated in the offer itself. One code per transaction regardless of the number of tickets purchased. Each code is valid for one time use only. Not valid for Midnight Showings.

Do Cineplex gift cards have an expiry date?

Does a Cineplex Entertainment Gift Card expire? No, Gift Cards do not expire.

What is the Costco Cineplex deal?

Costco members rejoice! The wholesale retailer has some great deals on Cineplex movie tickets. The brand typically carries two different packages: The Costco Cineplex Child Movie Package ($9.99) or The Great Escape Package ($25.99) which includes two adult tickets, two beverages, and one regular sized popcorn.

How do I check my Cineplex gift card balance?

You can check Cineplex gift card balance online on our website or call Cineplex at 1-800-333-0061. You can also visit any Cineplex store and inquire a cashier to check the balance for you.

How do you use Cineplex codes?

Electronic Gift Cards (“E-Gift Cards”) work just like regular gift cards and may be used at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre and online through or An email containing the E-Gift card barcode and PIN will be sent to the recipient to begin redeeming.

How do I use a Cineplex Gift Card online?

no passes means you can’t use any promotional coupon or code when purchasing tickets for that film.

What does admit one mean on a movie ticket?

Besides meaning “confess,” admit can also mean “let in,” like a theater ticket that says “ADMIT ONE.” If you admit that you have a bag of popcorn hidden in your backpack, you might not be admitted to the movie. A doorway admits you into a room, and if a room can hold up to 50 people, that room admits 50.

What is Scene Premium admit?

The number of points earned when purchasing one general admission ticket will remain at 100 and those tickets will continue to require 1000 SCENE points to redeem. A “Premium” movie ticket, for films in 3D, UltraAVX, IMAX and D-Box will now require 1,500 points and will earn customers 150 points.

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expired CINEPLEX movie pass, what to do – Page 2 – Forums

I know a bit of a necropost, but this is still the top result on google if you search about movie tickets expiring in canada and no official answer yet. It is now Cineplex official policy across all of canada that they will always honor pretty much all passes/tickets past expiry now (Depends on the type). Link with the full list of types:

expired CINEPLEX movie pass, what to do –

The movie passes have an expiry date on the back. The fine print says this expiry date does not apply for Quebec and Saskatchewan. However I’ve heard that in general they really don’t care. It’s money you already paid anyways. Reply Reply with quote Jan 6th, 2013 11:22 am #10 Balanar08 Deal Fanatic Jan 13, 2010 5089 posts 938 upvotes Toronto

Cineplex expired ticketw : askTO – Reddit

Cineplex expired ticketw. I have 2 cineplex tickets that expired on Jan 31, 2021 which I received right before COVID. Has anyone tried to use expired tickets after COVID? I will call and ask before hand but want to know if anyone’s tried too. Update: I asked cineplex on fb and they said the “admit one” vouchers can be used after expiry …

Pricing – Cineplex Cinemas Australia

A Student is 13+ and must be full time (they must have a valid (i.e. current and not expired) student ID card, indicating that they are a full time student). Companion card holders are allowed one complimentary movie ticket for their carer for any movie that is not displaying the “NO FREE TICKETS” sign .

Home Page – Cineplex Cinemas Australia

Balmoral 168 Oxford St Bulimba QLD 4171 Hawthorne 261 Hawthorne Rd Hawthorne QLD 4171 Hawthorne Deluxe 272 Hawthorne Rd Hawthorne QLD 4171 South Bank 167 Grey St …

Expired Cineplex movie tickets – Forums

Cineplex Passes still have an expiration date and because they are not cash-equivalent, there is no law stating that they must be accepted. Similarly, if the McDonald’s certificates were for Big Mac Meals, they could still have an expiry date.

cineplex movie passes expire –

cineplex movie passes expire; Your search results. Dicembre 16, 2021. cineplex movie passes expire. Published on Dicembre 16, 2021 by . There is a maximum earning potential of 500 points per business day. Village Cinemas Gift Cards Questions …

cineplex movie passes expire –

The first 50 individuals to register online and raise a minimum of $50 will receive one free Cineplex movie pass (passes expire April 30, 2019).. Redeem 1,250 points for a free General Admission or 3D movie ticket in a regular auditorium, 2,000 points for a free Enhanced movie ticket (i.e.

Swaps and Refunds – Event Cinemas

Booked the wrong date, time or film and the session has already passed? Please note a booking cannot be swapped once the booked session time has passed. You will need to make a new booking for the correct session. You can then request a refund for your incorrect purchase…

Cineplex Gift Cards | FAQ

No, Gift Cards do not expire. How do I check my card balance? You can check your card balance two ways. One, call 1-800-544-7573 or go to the Check … There may be some Cineplex Gift Cards that do not have a PIN. You can use these cards at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre. If you wish to purchase any products online, you must have a PIN and …

Free Vouchers Expire Soon : cineplex – reddit

Hi just wanted to point out that Cineclub membership is actually worth the monthly subscription! I watch at least one movie a month and the price for the membership is the cost to see a movie on Tuesdays. You get a free movie ticket each month so it seems like a no brainer to get the subscription if you are an avid movie watcher 🙂 | cineclub

Treat yourself to benefits that make movie night out even more exciting, convenient and rewarding! $9.99 per month Join The Club No commitment. Cancel any time. Members Get: ONE TICKET EVERY MONTH THAT NEVER EXPIRES Your first CineClub ticket is ready to redeem. Get extra tickets for only $9.99 – up to 2 per show. 20% OFF CONCESSIONS | Our response to COVID-19

All bookings will be cancelled for a full refund, including private theatre bookings, individual and group reservations at The Rec Room and Playdium, as well as our guests with advanced tickets to see a movie in one of our theatres. We greatly appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Wait, Is MoviePass Being Resurrected In Time For Theaters Reopening?

Mar 16, 2021The subscription service ultimately ended in September 2019. Although, there were reports of some customers being charged even after that. But it looks like MoviePass is coming back. But what that… | Movies, Showtimes, Tickets, Trailers

Advance tickets available. The Long Rider (English and Spanish w/e.s.t.) trailer. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Cabaret – 50th Anniversary. Coming soon. Die Zauberflöte (Mozart) German w/e.s.t. – Metropolitan Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions | Landmark Cinemas

Admit One Movie Pass; Admit One Child Pass; In some instances, Pass Restriction may also include: Run of Engagement Pass; Movie Night Out Pass; Service Recovery Pass; NOTE: Vouchers (e.g. Costco, AMA, BCAA, Calgary CO-OP), Landmark Cinemas Movie 10-Pack card and Landmark Cinemas gift cards are always accepted for any movie. | Movies, Showtimes, Tickets, Trailers

Canada’s most popular destination for movies, showtimes, tickets, and trailers.

Jen Lowe – My movie passes from Costco have expired. Are… | Facebook

Jen Lowe Cineplex. May 4, 2016 ·. My movie passes from Costco have expired. Are these garbage now? 33. 4 Comments. | Movie

Expired. June 27, 2008 Length: 1h 46m. Get Tickets Synopsis. The sight of a dark-suited municipal employee doling out parking violations stirs a primal hate in all but the most enlightened soul, and meter maid Claire knows it. Claire, a kind soul, resents having to enforce the law at all times, but for Jay, an angry Traffic Officer who loves …

Event Cinemas Questions –

Burnt-Twice 1 year ago. 1. Pay for it, 2. the retailer activates at the register. Like. Report. KT29 asked 4 years ago. I have gold class tickets with the expiration date stamped 20/12/18. When I went to use them yesterday the box office staff told me the system said they expired on the 15/12/18 & to contact customer service.

A New Cineplex Subscription Service Gets You Movie Tickets … – Narcity

Aug 11, 2021With CineClub, members get one monthly regular admission ticket that never expires so long as they’re active members. Along with that, members can purchase one companion ticket for $9.99 and up to two CineClub-priced tickets for $9.99 per showtime if members want to see other movies at any time during the month.. Membership also comes with 20% off concessions at Cineplex theatres, 20% off food …

Cineplex Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at … – Movie Ticket Rates

3D movies are also offered in Cineplex theaters. The screens pop with ultra-realistic 3D images that you feel like you have stepped inside the movie. The images are vivid and the sounds are crisp in the massive Cineplex theaters. The next level to 3D movies is Cineplex’s “D-BOX”. This technology adds magic to every movie.

Home Page – Cineplex Cinemas Australia

Cinema Advertising; Movie Ratings; Group Booking; Pricing; HOME | Cinemas | Gift Certificates | Now Showing | Coming Soon | Movie Ratings | Group Bookings | Pricing | Contact Us. BALMORAL; HAWTHORNE ; HAWTHORNE DELUXE; SOUTH BANK; VICTORIA POINT; NERANG; REDBANK; FIND A CINEMA. Balmoral 168 Oxford St Bulimba QLD 4171; Hawthorne 261 Hawthorne Rd Hawthorne QLD 4171; Hawthorne Deluxe 272 …

Jen Lowe – My movie passes from Costco have expired. Are… | Facebook

Jen Lowe Cineplex. May 4, 2016 ·. My movie passes from Costco have expired. Are these garbage now? 33. 4 Comments.

Cineplex unveils subscription CineClub, offering free movies, perks and …

CineClub will cost $9.99 per month — less than the price of a movie ticket — and give members a free movie every month, along with cheaper “member-priced” tickets and a 20 per cent …

Cineplex Gift Cards

To make your purchase experience more efficient, login or create your Cineplex Connect account.With Cineplex Connect you can order tickets, manage your SCENE account, gift cards, and favourite theatres – and get an early heads-up on special deals, contests and exclusive offers when you sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Get Discounts to Cineplex Tickets | Cineplex Movies – CAA SCO

Get CAA Member-exclusive prices on tickets every day.*. Save up to 18% on General Admissions. Get Senior Admissions for $6.99 each, plus tax. Enjoy General Admission certificates that DO NOT expire. Get Child Adventure packages for $12.80 each, plus tax. Includes one Child Admission and one Kid’s Tray Combo (drink, popcorn and treat).

Cineplex to honour Empire Theatres gift cards | CBC News

Cineplex Entertainment is in the process of buying 24 Empire Theatres in Atlantic Canada. Cineplex says it will honour coupons for up to six months. Empire gift cards will have no expiry date.

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Save on Cineplex and Landmark movie passes for kids, adults and seniors when you pick them up at your local AMA centre. Check out the different packages available to make the most of your movie night. Favourite Count: 708. Save . on Movie Tickets. Cineplex. SAVE on movie tickets. View Deal In-Centre …