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How Many Guppies In A 15 Gallon Tank

Generally speaking, you can keep 10 to 12 guppies in a 20-gallon fish tank.

As petsmart would say, “One gallon per inch of fish.” So i mean theoretically you could have 15. I would feel safe putting many more than that …

As for over populating a tank, Easily with guppies. Considering one female alone can give birth to way over 100 young per month. However the …

How many female guppies can I put in a 15-gallon tank?

In a 15-gallon guppy breeding tank you can add about 8-9 guppies. Remember, your guppy breeding tank should contain more females than males. So in a 15-gallon guppy fish breeding tank, you can add about 6 female guppies and three male guppies.

How many fish can I have in a 15-gallon tank?

Your 15-gallon glass aquarium tank will be the base to help you create a welcoming and entertaining habitat for your fish. The general fish housing rule is that for every fully grown fish, reserve at least 1-gallon of space in the tank. Consider stocking this fish tank with 8 to 12 small- to medium-sized fish.

How many guppies can I put in a 12 gallon tank?

How Do You Calculate How Many Guppies You Can Keep in a 10 Gallon Tank? The general rule of thumb is one gallon per one inch of fish. Therefore, in a 10-gallon fish tank, you can add 10 inches worth of guppies.

How many guppies can you keep per gallon?

The point to remember is the general rule of 1 inch of fish for each gallon of water. Beginners especially need to stick with this. However, a more experienced fish keeper could probably house around 4 or 5 guppies in this space, as long as none of them are too large.

What fish can live with guppies in a 20-gallon tank?

The average molly fish will grow to a size of 3 inches. Keeping three female mollies and one male molly fish together is the best option in a 20-gallon tank.

How many mollies and guppies can I put in a 20-gallon tank?

Generally, you should keep guppies in groups. And ideally, you should keep at least a trio of guppies in at least a 5-gallon fish tank. You can keep more than a trio of guppies but then you will also need to increase the tank size of your fish tank according to the number of fish you are going to keep in the tank.

How many fish can I keep in a 30 gallon tank?

Inch-Per-Gallon Rules This rule has many variations, but the most common version holds that you should stock 1 inch per 2-5 gallons of water. This means a 30-gallon tank could hold 6 to 15 1-inch fish, or 2 to 4 3-inch fish.

What fish can live with guppies in a 30 gallon tank?

I usually don’t recommend Plecos for beginner fishkeepers (since they typically get way too large) – that said, the Bristlenose variety stays small enough to be kept in tanks around 25-30 gallons. If you don’t mind splurging for a tank within this size range, Bristlenose Plecos make amazing tank mates for Guppies.

How many guppies is too many?

Going by this calculation, we reach the conclusion that the ideal number of guppies per 20-gallon tank is around 10, depending on size. Although it’s entirely possible to keep 12 guppies in a fish tank, it’s not recommended for inexperienced people.

How many guppies can a 20-gallon tank hold?

How many guppies in a 20-gallon tank? Well, at least 14 guppies will thrive in a 20-gallon tank. This is because plants, decorations, and the substrate can take up approximately 5 gallons of space. And given the 1 inch 1-gallon rule, then 14 is the most appropriate number.

How many fish can go in a 40 gallon tank?

In a 40 gallon aquarium, you can keep up to 20 peacefully. Just like Guppies they are very social fish that do well within a community tank. Bamboo Shrimp work well too if you are looking for something a little different.

How many guppies can you have in a 40 Litre tank?

If the fish are an inch long like Neon tetras, White Cloud Mountain minnows or male guppies, we recommend a maximum of around 15 fish in total.

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How Many Guppies Can I Put In A 15 Gallon Fish Tank And Leave My Fish …

Guppies, although small, are very ’messy’ so carry a very large bioload. Putting more than the recommended number in the 15 gallon would require some serious filtration and frequent cleanings. The hatchets are schooling fish. Most schooling fish are recommended to be in groups of 5 or more.

Stocking A 15 Gallon Tank? YOU Won’t Believe The Fish We Picked!

That said, you should be able to fit about 10-15 small fish in your tank at first and as the tank matures and you get better at fish keeping. You can maybe keep 15-25 if you don’t mind some work. However, this is what most beginners do, they buy a 15-gallon tank and fill it with a few fish without doing a little bit of research.

How many guppies can I put in a 15 gallon tank? – reddit

In a 15 gallon I would do like 3-5 males and like 5-10 females depending on the amount of cover and hiding places. It would be really easy to keep at least 20 in there except you would have way more than that in a month or less 2 level 1 [deleted] · 6y 1 billion xd View Entire Discussion (11 Comments) More posts from the Aquariums community 4.8k

Guppy Tank Size: How Many Guppies in a 5, 10, 20, 30, 55, 75 Gallon …

You can stock up to 5 guppies in a 10-gallon tank, 10 guppies in a 20-gallon tank, 15 guppies in a 30-gallon tank, 27 guppies in a 55-gallon tank, and 37 guppies in a 75-gallon tank. Guppies are the most distributed pet fish worldwide. They are beautiful and pretty easy to care for.

How many guppies can I keep in a 15L tank? – Quora

You can keep one Guppy per 2 gallons of water; for example, you can keep 5 in a 10-gallon tank and 10 in a 20-gallon tank. If you choose to keep both males and females, keep them at a ratio of 2:1. Henning Eriksen , Fishing as hobby for almost fourty years Answered 3 years ago · Author has 178 answers and 111.6K answer views

How many guppies in a 15 gallon? – Tropical Fish Forums

Author Topic: How many guppies in a 15 gallon? (Read 1335 times) swordtail11. Full Member; Thank You-Given: 2-Receive: 0 ; Posts: 142; How many guppies in a 15 gallon? « on: May 11, 2019, 07:43:17 pm » I have a tank that the amount of water at least covers 60cm length, 30cm depth, and 32cm height. The tank is slightly larger but obviously the substrate takes up some space. It’s heavily …

How many guppies can be in a tank? | Fishkeeping World

Up to eight guppies can be in a 10-gallon tank. As a general rule, a one-inch guppy requires one gallon of water to live comfortably. An adult male guppy will grow to be 1.5 inches long, and an adult female will grow to be around 2 inches long. Keep these numbers in mind when determining how many guppies to bring home.

How Many Guppies Should Be Kept Together? (Explained)

Keep reading. Ideally, you should keep at least a trio of guppies together in at least a 5-gallon fish tank. You can keep more than a trio. Just make sure to increase the tank size according to the number of guppies you want to keep. A gallon per inch of a fish is a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to the right tank size for guppies.

How Many Guppies Can I Have Per Litre(s)? [ 2022 Update ]

Guppies become unhappy and frustrated in a small tank. The lack of space restricts their movement and inhibits their growth. So, the minimum tank size for one guppy is at least 5 liters. If you want to keep five or more guppies, you will need at least 40 liters of water in a fish tank. Let’s talk about this in detail. Click to Play Video

How Many Guppies in a 5 Gallon Tank Or Smaller? Avoid Overload With …

For guppies, you should have no more than 3-5, but that also depends on a couple of essential factors. Gender If you plan to keep all male guppies, you should have no problems housing 3-5 of them. Males are smaller than females. With that said, if you plan to have all females at an average of 2 inches each, you should only keep maybe 3 guppies.

How Many Guppies Per Gallon? How Many Guppies In A Ten Gallon Tank?

Usually, a fully grown male Guppy reaches 1.5 inches (4 cms) long, and a female guppy gets 2 inches (5 cms). Going by this standard calculation for one guppy, you need to have at least a 2-gallon capacity of water. In a typical 10-20-gallon aquarium, you can add 5-10 guppies to offer them enough space to swim and thrive.

How Many Guppies In A 5 Gallon Tank? | It’s A Fish Thing

This general rule of thumb is that you will need 1 gallon of aquarium space for each inch of fish. How Many Guppies Per Gallon? Therefore, a 2-inch guppy will require about 2 gallons of water. If you have 2 males that are 1.5 inches and 2 females that are 2 inches long, you will need a 7-gallon aquarium, 1 gallon for each inch of fish.

How Many Guppies In A 1 Gallon Tank? (Answer Inside!)

You need one gallon of tank water for every one-inch of fish. Two gallons would be required for a fish of two inches in length. If you have two male guppies that are 1.5 inches long and two females that are 2 inches, then you will need a total of four gallons of water. How many guppies can be in a gallon tank?

How Many Guppies in a 30 Gallon Tank? (Explained)

Each inch of a guppy requires one gallon of water to survive. Therefore, you can add a minimum of 15 guppies of 2 inches in length in a 30-gallon tank. Add them in a 1:3 of males and females for better survival and reduction in stress. The number of guppies depends on the amount of water, gender, size of the aquarium, and the objects inside it.

How To Clean A Fish Tank With Baby Guppies? (Complete Answer)

You might want to do smaller water changes of 15-20% weekly. 2 partial water changes of 15-20% per week will be enough to keep the fry healthy, if you feed them 3 times a day. If you have a large number of guppies in your tank, it may be a good idea to add a small amount of live rock to the tank.

How Many Guppies Can Be In A 1 Gallon Tank?

A one gallon tank is too small for any animal. You could fit 2-3 guppies in a one gallon tank. However, guppies are active social fish that like to be in at least a group of 3 and have 3 gallons of swimming space to themselves, so I would recommend a 10 gallon. .

How Many Guppies in a 10 Gallon Tank? (Quick Answers)

A good rule of thumb would be one guppy per gallon of water. There can be no more than ten guppies in a 10-gallon aquarium. However, at least five guppies are recommended for a tank of this size. In a ten-gallon aquarium, the ratio of males to females should be 2:3.

How many guppies can I put in a 20-gallon? – AnswersToAll

How many mollies and guppies can I put in a 10 gallon tank? You can have between five to 10 guppies in a 10-gallon tank. If you’re setting up a breeding tank, use the ratio of one male to two females (and make sure you have another tank to transfer the fry into!) Guppies come in many different colors, the males being a lot more colorful than …

How Many Guppies In A 20 Gallon Tank? Finally Understand!

The rule of thumb is an inch of fish for every gallon of water, which means that you can have as many as 15 one-inch fishes and up to 6.5 inches of freshwater fish in your aquarium. If you don’t have that kind of money to spend on a new tank, consider buying a smaller aquarium and keeping only a few fish at a time. How many guppies are too many?

How many Neon Tetras in a 20 gallon tank? – My Pets Zone

A 15 gallon tank can comfortably accommodate between 10 and 15 Neon Tetras; don’t increase the number just because the guppy is peaceful. If you keep a pair of guppies, they will breed and overpopulate the tank within a few months. Stick to only male guppies in the tank with your Neon Tetra Fish.

How Many Guppies Can Live In A 10 Gallon Fish Tank?

Guppies typically grow to be 1.5-2 inches long. Therefore, the number of guppies that can happily live in a 10-gallon tank can be calculated using the one inch of fish per gallon guideline. As a result, a 10-gallon tank can hold roughly 6 guppies. What Will Happen If I Keep Too Many Guppies in A 10-Gallon Tank? It’s never a good idea to …

How Many Guppies in a 20 Gallon Tank? (Explained)

If you have the entire empty tank, you should consider supporting other tank mates for your guppies. It will encourage the guppies to grow naturally. You should never keep more than 10 guppies in your 20-gallon tank. Depending on the guppies’ size, you can only keep 10 healthy or small guppies in your 20-gallon tank.

What Size Tank Do You Need to Breed Guppies? (Answered)

At least a 5-gallon tank is needed for breeding a trio of guppies. If you want to keep more guppies then you’ll need a larger tank. A good rule of thumb to follow is one gallon per inch of the fish (3.7 liter per 2.5 cm of the fish) you want to keep in the tank. The size of guppies varies from 1 to 2.5 inches (2.5 cm to 6.3 cm).

How Many Guppies Can I Put in a 10-Gallon Fish Tank FishKeeping Home

Usually, the size of a male guppy is between 0.6 inches to 1.4 inches. As a general rule, one gallon of water is required for every one inch of a fish. So according to this rule, we can put almost 7 to 8 male guppies in a 10-gallon fish tank. On the other hand, due to their large size as compared to male guppies, the female guppies need more space.

How Many Guppies in a 10 Gallon Tank [With Betta]?

We need 5-10 Guppies. Yes, Guppies can be kept in tanks as small as 10 gallons. However, the size you will need depends on the quantity you intend to keep in your aquarium. As a good rule of thumb, you can add 5-10 Guppies per gallon. According to their age and pattern, Guppies vary slightly in its size.

How Many Guppies In A 5 Gallon Tank? (you might be surprised!)

Male guppies grow to about 1.5″ (3.75cm) and female guppies grow to around 2-2.5″ (5 cm-6.5cm). This size difference between the two sexes is another reason you are better off only having male guppies in a 5-gallon aquarium. Some people will quote the ’rule’ 1″ of fish per gallon of aquarium water, meaning you could have 5″ worth of …


For stocking and compatibility advice have a look on. But you cannot put Tropical fish (Guppies and Gourami) With Goldfish as they are a coldwater fish and have totally different care requirements. reply. #3.

How Many Guppies in a 10 Gallon? – Fish Tank Master

Realistically, a good number to start with a 10-gallon tank assuming water is constantly in a pristine condition should be about 8-10 guppies. While it is possible to keep 15 (or a little more) in a 10 gallon, I personally find it a little too squeezy. The question is simple and a good one.

How many guppies can I keep in a 15L tank? – Quora

Answer (1 of 3): If the airsupply is good. Air pump with an diffuser so it produses alot of tiny Bubbles. And alot of fast growing plants and wateshift of one third of the water each week. You could easily have twenty or more fish in it, since the male is a lot smaller the count differ regarding …

How Many Guppies Can You Keep Per Gallon Of Water? (Formula)

Each adult guppy needs at least one gallon of water. However, the ideal calculation is one gallon per inch of fish. Since adult guppies are approximately two inches long and thrive in groups of three or more, you will need at least 10 gallons of water for five to ten guppies in a single fish tank. Let’s talk about this thumb-rule in detail.